What to Pack for Your Next Ballroom Dance Competition!


Be prepared and you won’t have to worry! All of the items may not apply to you, this is just a general list.

Today’s theme is costumes and accessories for women!

  • Ballgowns, and/or Latin Dresses

  • Nylons or fishnet stockings – bring an extra pair, just in case!

  • Performance Shoes

  • Practice and/or Backup Shoes

  • Shoe Brush

  • Heel Protectors, Shoe Elastics, Shoe Brush, and other Shoe Accessories (if applicable)

  • Makeup

  • Jewelry: Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Hair Accessories, etc.

  • Toiletries and other personal items

  • Practice wear

  • Daytime clothing. Dressy casual/business casual is recommended

  • Band-Aids

  • Safety pins or sewing kit

  • Make sure you have your teacher’s phone number in case of emergencies

  • Snacks for in between heats

Stay tuned for our next installment in this series – What to pack for men!